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About Brian

My real estate career began in 2005 after spending many years working in the corporate world.

Working with buyers and sellers combines my experience in customer service, marketing and project management with my passion for home, design, and life in Victoria.

My educational background includes a BA in Mass Communication from Simon Fraser University and an executive MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. In addition, I am an experienced flyer, having logged 500+ hours as a Certified, Instrument-Rated Commercial Pilot.

Prior to my career in real estate, I worked in advertising on Madison Avenue in New York, for a large risk management brokerage in San Francisco, and in web hosting management in the Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom. As such, I am happy to assist our American friends with Victoria real estate whether for investment, vacation, or relocation.

I enjoy positioning sellers to achieve top dollar peace of mind, and help prepare buyers to win! Victoria's dynamically changing market commands creative solutions, and I help find alternatives and sensible purchases for those being priced out of the market.

In addition to my passion for real estate, I also believe in giving back to community; as a 2021-22 board member of the Rotary Club of Victoria, I am proud to be helping make Victoria the best it can be!

Part of my success comes from my view of the business. My belief is that real estate is more of a service-oriented business than a sales-oriented business, and as such I provide the highest level of professional service.

My motto is 'Where Service Meets Success", and I am always ready to assist you with your real estate needs!

I am an active member of the following organisations: